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The Entry Engagement Program is an 8-week Fall Quarter program designed to help ambitious young women transition into collegiate life. 


Connect, grow, and be inspired

The Freshmen Entry Engagement Program is an 8-week program organized to facilitate undergraduate women in their transition into collegiate life, focusing on achieving academic success, pursuing personal development, and building a strong community of outstanding women in the Cal Poly College of Business.



The Entry Engagement Vision Board will be a culminating project that they will be working on throughout the whole program with the help of the program leadership and their mentors. The board will consist of a motivational quote/saying, a goal that they want to achieve while at Cal Poly, a potential career path, some pictures of things that they are thankful for, and a whiteboard section that they can use to write down short term goals and reminders.


Entry Engagement is designed to be a buddy program: connecting incoming business students to mentors and resources within the college of business and the university at large. The EE program will be an admixture of large group informative meeting, large group socials, smaller group meetings within the mentor groups, and optional study space meetups.
Additionally, program leadership and mentors are encouraged to plan events outside of formally scheduled program. These events have included group trips to the pumpkin patch and farmers market, meeting up to helping students with registering for classes, visiting the iconic Madonna Inn to try their pink cake, and much more.




Measured on a 1 Strongly Disagree to 5 Strongly Agree Scale


Entry Engagement Participant Applications are Now Open!