Founded in Spring 2015, the Cal Poly Women in Business Association was created to act as a resource and community for young women, working to provide students with the skills and network needed to succeed in college and life.



Code of Conduct and Member Expectations

In order to foster a united, inclusive and professional environment, we expect our members to abide by five core values.






If any member should fail to uphold any of the aforementioned values they may lose access to club resources, or be removed from the organization altogether, at the discretion of club leadership.




We Value Diversity of All Kinds

As members of the Cal Poly Women in Business Association, we pledge to embrace the intersectional diversity of all individuals respecting their sex, gender, race, ethnicity, age, citizenship, sexual orientation, nationality, socioeconomic status, religion, physical ability, mental ability, and expression

In addition, members strive toward the social justice of all people in order to create and sustain a more productive and inclusive environment.

Members refrain from using derogatory terms that hurt and disrespect others, and promise to abstain from contributing to stereotypes or making generalizations about individuals, but rather to use their own experiences and interactions to better understand and embrace all people.