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The professionalism workshop will allow students to receive a deeper understanding to what professionalism really looks like online and in person. This workshop will go in depth on the differences between business casual and business professional attire. We will also discuss dining etiquette. As students get older, they will have opportunities to meet professionals over a meal, and it is important they make a good impression at the table. Finally, we will explain online professionalism: LinkedIn and social media. Students will get a chance to set up their own LinkedIn. We will also teach them how their personal social media can play a part in getting a job. By the end of the session, the students will understand different types of professionalism much better and will have a base from which they can further work on. This workshop is intended for all grades.

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Networking is an essential part of any profession and can be a lot of fun! During this networking workshop students will be given the opportunity to learn about what networking is/different avenues where it can be accomplished, tips and tricks to bring into a networking setting, and why networking is so important. In addition, students will practice what they have learned so far by creating their own elevator pitches and practice them in pairs or groups. We will end the day with a fun simulation activity in which WIB will set up fictional booths with representatives (us) from well-known companies (Amazon, FB, Deloitte) allowing students to practice their skills in a more realistic, fun, and engaging career-fair-like environment. This workshop is intended for all grades.

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Self Care and Time Management

In this day and age, teens and young adults are faced with immeasurable amounts of pressure from being expected to perform well academically, participate in extracurriculars, plan their future, and still maintain a social life. As a result, teens are often left stressed out and overwhelmed with all they have to accomplish, which can also negatively impact their mental health. In this workshop, students will learn about self care, its importance, and how the combination of time management and self care can help relieve stress. Student will have the opportunity to create their own self care kit based on their personal interests and ideas they heard from the presenters. For the last activity, students will set up their own time management system (Google Calendar, handwritten agenda etc.) so that they may schedule their current days. By the end of the workshop, students will leave with tools that will help them succeed in both school and life without feeling overwhelmed! This workshop is intended for all grades.

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What is Business?

As juniors and seniors in high school applying for colleges, most students aren’t fully aware of what they’re getting themselves into for four years of college as business majors. We hope to clarify this for students in this workshop with explanations of being a business major at Cal Poly, including an overview of Orfalea College of Business (OCOB) and all the services provided such as clubs, resources, professional greek life, and more. We will also briefly explain each concentration, as well as possible career paths for each one. This part of the session will include an activity where students can discover which concentration(s) suits them the best through a quiz that we will curate. This session will have WIB members from various concentrations (minors, double concentrations, OCOB involvement, etc.) to help explain the variety of paths a student may take. It is our hope that by the end of the workshop, your students will have a newfound awareness and excitement about being future students and leaders in the business world. This workshop is targeted towards juniors and seniors, but will be beneficial for all students with an interest in studying Business Administration. 

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Career Exploration

With high school graduation in their future, many students begin to feel a need to realize passions and explore career paths.  For those attending college, many still need to decide on an area of study - a very hard decision to make!  With that said, it is important for students to be knowledgeable about the many different majors and concentrations they may pursue.  This workshop helps students match personality traits and passions with career options.  A panel consisting of Cal Poly students from our various colleges will be available to answer questions and explain how they decided on a major and career that they love!  This workshop is intended for all grade levels.

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Resume Development

A great resume can be priceless in today’s world but building a resume can often be a daunting and confusing task. In this workshop, our team will help students understand the purpose of a resume and provide a template to teach students about proper formatting and content of a resume. After, students will have the chance to review their peer’s resumes (if the class has already begun making them) or start from scratch! Students can then share their rough draft with members of our team and receive feedback. This workshop is intended for all grades.

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Being a leader is an important skill every student can develop.  We are all leaders in our own ways, and our Leadership Workshop will help students find within them what kind of leader they are and how to effectively lead their peers. In addition, your students will receive the opportunity to hear from numerous Cal Poly students on how they use their leadership in the classroom as well as in the workforce, and provide suggestions to students on ways to become an effective leader.  This is a wonderful workshop for all grades and a great confidence booster to help everyone find their inner leader.

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Preparing your College List

This workshop will provide a helpful glimpse at the entire college application process. For this workshop, students will first view a presentation of the basics and essentials to choosing a college that is right for them, with an emphasis on factors such as cost, location, size, etc. After this presentation, students will be given resources to research schools and then will be able to objectively compare their scores and GPAs with those of each college to develop a well-organized list of target, reach, and fallback schools. Guests include several college students well-versed on how to make a developed college list. This workshop is targeted for high school seniors, but is a great opportunity for juniors a get a headstart.

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Introduction into College

Getting used to college can be nerve-wracking for many students, which is why we are here to help give them a glimpse of what to expect once they move in. Compared to college orientations, our workshop will provide a more personal experience into college to allow students to be proactive in what to expect and how to prepare. Our discussions will include topics such as; how college experiences differ from high school, as well as tips to help your students’ high school to college transition. The day will conclude with an opportunity for your students to ask various questions to numerous Cal Poly students as a reassurance that it is okay to feel confused or stressed about such a new experience, and the fact that college will be an unforgettable time full of growth as students, professionals, and people! This workshop is targeted towards juniors and seniors, but will be beneficial for all students.